Why sometimes instead of freedom people connect with fear?

Weeks ago I was talking with a friend about procrastination.

Do you remember when you experienced procrastination in your life?

All of us experienced procrastination at least once in life.

Why do we go through it? Because there is a mechanism inside human beings that sometimes instead of choosing freedom, guides us to choose fear.

Freedom means air, clarity, confidence and self-esteem at all levels to live life to the fullest.

Fear means restrictions, to be stacked, unable to move, paralyzed.

We have all been in a situation where we think something from the outside blocks us. Still it is something from the outside generating something inside ourselves that begins the process. It can be a situation, it can be an emotional reaction, it can be something from the past, and it can really be many things.

It is difficult to take action, because we look for objections that come from our old beliefs and stop us convincing us that we are unable to move forward.

They are caused by FEAR: false evidence that appears to be real. False information coming from our subconscious mind based on old experiences that were imprinted, and are supposedly “trying to protect us”. The subconscious mind is like a recorder. It cannot think reason or evaluate, it only replicates reactions according to the emotions we feel, that we felt in the past and left a print in our subconscious mind. Indeed our conscious mind has the power to think, evaluate, reason and choose. Once we are aware of this fact, we evolve understanding the lesson related to the experience and grow from it. At that moment we are able to move forward being conscious of who we are which are our skills and where we are aimed to arrive having the blueprint to walk through a plan and a strategy that will help us reach our goal. We are now able to take safe and secure decisions and be free from the past. This is evolution! Are you ready to evolve?

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Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia. She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and NLP. She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Weight Loss Master Coach. Esther offers SPECIFIC TOOLS and her guidance toward CLARITY, CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM to live a Prosperous and Fulfilled DAILY LIFE. Esther’s Signature System Coaching Program is: "THE MISSING LINK TO YOUR WEALTHY WORTHY LIFE".
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4 Responses to Why sometimes instead of freedom people connect with fear?

  1. This is powerful! thanks for the insight

  2. jasmin1960 says:

    Great article, very accurate. Will look forward to more articles on this topic, as well as others.

  3. Thank you Jasmin for your great comment!

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