True Leaders to respect today – Easy to use TOOLS to discover a true Leader

What does the word “leader” mean to you? I have been wondering for a long time, many years ago about that meaning as well!

I realized that no matter the area of discussion there are always people that lead and there are people looking for leaders to be guided. And this is perfectly OK!

I have been thinking and talking about this topic for many years with many of my friends and colleagues in different countries. Today I personally believe that leaders are born not made!

Why do I think that way? Because leadership from a true leader flows easily with no effort while others try to be there and show up as leaders never achieving reaching the goal, as the ones in the first group do. This can be perceived by all of us!

If you did not think about this topic yet, don´t worry, I will share with you through this article, discoveries from life experiences, you may also have had, that will let you understand my words and what I just said!

Enjoy and share your comments I would like to hear from you about this topic, because you may still be “a leader in the closet” or a “hidden leader” and I want to support you when coming out of the closet, to be discovered and inspire the world with your gift and message to make this world a better place to live for all of us, our children and grand children to come!

A leader is defined in as

1- One that leads or guides.

2. One who is in charge or in command of others

Still this definition does not give me the feeling I want to experience from a true leader I can trust!

And in the  it is defined asthe person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”

And again I do not feel the essence of the true leader. This happens because it is really difficult to express that “essence” with words.

I noticed there is a language from where Leaders know who they are and recognize themselves from far away! But it is not the language we talk daily. It is an attitude and body language they have, coming from their inside out; it is about their own energy, commitment and engagement with any situation they face as human beings. This can be expressed as their own “personal power” and what helps and lets them be seen as true and authentic leaders!

How do others recognize them? How will you truly differentiate a leader from someone that is not one? Is it by a feeling? Is it by a visual feature? What exactly is that secret ingredient they have built inside that flows from their inside out so easy for them to be recognized as authentic true leaders?

We are used to think of a leader regarding his look from the outside; still a leader shines from his inside out as a new flower in spring with perfume, color, texture and glamour. It is impossible not to perceive it or sense it and there is always a subtle energetic connection generated between a true leader and his followers. Like a magic wand in action touching your heart with love and compassion!

At the beginning leaders are afraid to show they are, since it is a process they go through to first recognize themselves as leaders to then step into their own power to deliver the message they came to share with their “tribe” and community.

Leadership, as many other skills in the baggage of a human being, can only be expressed after going through a process in life, along the Journey; to find the missing link that will help the leader understand his purpose as a true leader.

Leaders do not walk on the street with a tag saying “I am a LEADER”. There are easy tools you can use to discover them. I will share with you some of these easy tools that will help you recognize a leader when you find one you want to follow.

1- Be aware because leaders are everywhere!

Leaders have a special way of connecting with people. They always want to help and bring wealth to the community around them. They feel compelled to do it as part of their call as leaders. So do not misunderstand this attitude, next time you see someone like that!

2- Feel their Power

How do you feel the power of a Leader? You feel it through the positive energy he delivers when he is around you. He is proactive and knows how to make things happen every time. He knows how to find the road to follow and looks for alternative roads where others would say “this is impossible”. He does not see obstacles, focus on results and will do whatever it takes to achieve them for his “tribe” and community. Sometimes people may feel overwhelmed by this attitude; step back and check out if he might be the next leader you want to follow.

3- Understand the needs of a Leader

A leader is a passionate human being that wants to deliver his message, transmit and share his passion all the time. This is the reason why he is proactive and wants to give and help people around him to bring the results they look for and want. He is always ready to help and be of service! Next time you see this attitude ask him why he is doing that! You may be blown away by his answer! Listen and let him tell you about his dreams! You may be a follower supporting his movement soon!

4- The leader is very organized and never forgets!

A true leader knows what he wants and is very clear about how he will achieve his goals. He always has a plan and a strategy knowing who can help him with something he might need to delegate. He never forgets a bullet point he wrote in his plan and will always achieve his plan by one road or another. For a leader, life is about the tribe and community and he is on service for them. Listen to his message and you will discover his plan!

5- The Leader loves to teach, to guide and to mentor

A true leader loves to be proactive, shows up, guides and mentors his followers and will always bring them up. He believes there is a solution for every problem, that can be found and collaboration is part of the success for things to happen. He knows how to spread the virus of positivism around and will always show the road to follow as a member of the group working with them for them. This is his way of leading, as a member of the tribe! You can easily check this out if you are a member of his group. He leads by giving the example and is always ready to support the members of the tribe!

6- A leader defends his values

For a true leader it is very important to live leadership every moment of his life. He will definitely feel terrible if he discovers there are values of his own not respected. He will never negotiate about values; this is for him the “core” of leadership expression and his mission as a true leader to be trusted by his followers. I recommend you to check out the values of the leader you want to follow to evaluate if they are aligned with your values! You would not want to follow someone that will not defend your own values!

7- Vulnerability of a true Leader

There is still a very important piece of this puzzle to be mentioned. A true Leader is as vulnerable as any other human being. He needs to know he is not alone. Even if he may be able to do many things by himself, the fuel for him to leadership and deliver his message, is to feel rewarded feeling the happiness and satisfaction of the members of the tribe, understanding he is bringing wealth to the community as a result of being their true and authentic leader!

If reading this article you felt you are a True Leader, do not be afraid, and enjoy the discovery! It means you are ready to begin the process and step into your leadership. It is time to become the leader you were born to be!

You will begin the journey by discovering your Purpose, your Mission and your Vision, integrating it with your Passion.

I wish you much success and all the best delivering your gift!  I am sure you are here to succeed!

With love light gratitude and abundance to all!


Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
“The Clarity Mentor” – Life Changing Coach
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La Paz – Bolivia


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